Making TV shows more entertaining, more engaging and more connected

Keep it simple

We know that the main deal is on the big screen; the best TV shows are watched by an engaged and appreciative audience. Like fries with a burger, the best accompaniment is both simple and delightful. A great interactive experience enhances the TV production and delivers a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Make it rewarding

It’s always nice to get something back: A score to compare with your friends, a voucher for your favourite product, or simply an acknowledgement that you’ve played a part. That’s why, at the heart of the Tellybug platform, we’ve built a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to reward your viewers and keep them coming back for more.

Share the fun

It’s been understood for decades that TV is more fun when you watch with others. From the water-cooler chatter around reality TV shows to shouting at the football, we all want to share what we see and how we feel. Everything we build has social at its heart; we connect great TV shows to the viewers and the viewers to each other.

Be bomb-proof

A TV call-to-action is the very best way of getting viewers to do something. Pointed to a web-hosted asset, that CTA is like launching a distributed denial-of-service attack on yourself. That’s why we focus hard on making our interactive platform as robust and secure as it can be; so that you can be assured that your multiplatform investment will not fail.

Deliver excellence

We pride ourselves on producing interactive TV experiences of the very highest quality. We focus on mobile apps because we believe that they deliver the best experience to the largest audience. Because we focus on creativity, engineering excellence and rigorous testing, our apps are consistently rated 4-4.5 stars in app stores.

Make money

Producers and broadcasters look to multiplatform offerings as a means to extend their show brands, create value and produce a monetary return. The Tellybug platform is designed with a commercial return very clearly in mind.  Our aim is to be an enabler of new revenue streams rather than just a hit to your bottom line.


Working with producers, broadcasters, distributors and brands

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